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Verizon Communications has announced it is buying Yahoo’s core businesses for $4.83 billion—a steep price to pay for internet assets that are considered “worthless” by Wall Street, according to this report by Quartz.

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- July 25, 2016 07:25:11am GMT
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Most innovative and customer friendly telecommunications company, Etisalat Nigeria, was at the weekend recognised for its commitment to innovation and quality of service as the telco e...

- July 25, 2016 07:21:10am GMT
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- July 25, 2016 06:42:34am GMT
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- July 25, 2016 06:39:04am GMT
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- July 24, 2016 13:34:54pm GMT
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- July 24, 2016 13:07:56pm GMT
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Press Release

The Wellbeing Foundation Africa (WBFA), in collaboration with Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LST... Full Article

Press Release

The future of Nigeria’s movie sector promises to be excellent given the quality documentaries rece... Full Article

Personal Opinion

By Ronke Ademiluyi-- Regardless of the much touted “infrastructure deficit” of the Nigerian ... Full Article

Edo Dogwu

WorldStage Newsonline-- Edo State Governor, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole said at the weekend that he may eve... Full Article

Press Release

The GTBank Common Wealth Team, made up of players from Pakistan, New Zealand, South Africa and Canada, e... Full Article

Desola Akindele

WorldStage Newsonline-- The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) All-Share Index and Market Capitalization depr... Full Article

Desola Akindele

WorldStage Newsonline-- The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has given a directive to authorised dealers wh... Full Article

Verizon Communications has announced it is buying Yahoo’s core businesses for $4.83 billion—... Full Article

Theo Adegoke

WorldStage Newsonline—Nigeria’s former Minister of Education, Obiageli Ezekwesili has blamed... Full Article


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1 Project Cost and Management Accountant RAMOS ELECTRIC POWER Wednesday, March 30, 2016
2 Project Procurement Manager RAMOS ELECTRIC POWER Nigeria Wednesday, March 30, 2016
3 Chief Operating Officer RAMOS ELECTRIC POWER Nigeria Wednesday, March 30, 2016
4 Cashier/Account Assistant (Ibadan) Bible Guest House Research and Development Centre Lagos/Ibadan Tuesday, March 29, 2016
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  • Hebert Wigwe, the brilliant mind-fit for all business access

    By Bolatito Adebola-- Herbert Onyewumbu Wigwe is the Group Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of Access Bank but only a few Nigerians know the contributions of this brilliant mind to the growth of Access Bank and the development of the banking industry in Africa. His impressive pedigree is known to industry watchers, just as his humble lifestyle is not strange to those who are familiar with him.

    Published July 24, 2016 09:45:21am
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  • Men and nations are not great by the virtue of their wealth, but by the wealth of their virtue - Part Two

    By Pastor Sunday Adelaja--One man whose life history was dedicated to prove this truth was Benjamin Franklin. Benjamin Franklin, was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America. He is only one of the two historic personalities on an American dollarbill who has never been President. Yet, he occupies the most conspicuous of places in the hundred dollar bill. Despite not been an American president he is widely regarded and often more res...

    Published July 22, 2016 12:26:52pm
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  • The liberating power of Brexit

    By Isidoros Karderinis-- The referendum of June 23, 2016 regarding Britain’s remain at or exit from the European Union, through its subversive BREXIT result - the first major, painful defeat for the under German control European Union of the banks and multinationals,- undoubtedly shook the dominant British and European political and economical system.

    Published July 22, 2016 12:23:44pm
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  • KAGOTE: A Fraud and misrepresentation of Ogoniland

    By Fegalo Nsuke-- The Ogoni people are peace-loving and have committed themselves to non-violence. The mandate to speak for and advocate their collective interests which are summed up in the Ogoni Bill of Rights have been delivered to The Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP). It will be important to state clearly that MOSOP will not surrender any aspect of its mandate as contained in the Ogoni Bill of Rights to the wishes of any one,...

    Published July 19, 2016 23:10:17pm
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