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By Jerome-Mario Utomi-- One remarkable character of ours as a nation is that we have a very unique but subtle way of 'glocalizing' global terms, policies, treaties, and international covenants. I have at some point had the unfortunate opportunity to watc... Full Article

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Personal Opinion

By Jerome-Mario Utomi

‘'Freedom of speech is not about good speech versus bad; it’s ... Full Article

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By Jerome-Mario Utomi-- They were voted to provide good and qualitative leadership; elected to bring the nation’s economy out of the wood and were chosen to bring democracy’s dividends to the ... Full Article

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By Essien Ndueso-- In Akwa Ibom local parlance, Ekim means darkness. And any reference linking or connecting someone with the word ‘Ekim’, means that the person is darkness personified or is f... Full Article

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By Jerome-Mario Utomi-- It was a very sad scene watching our state governors complain about the delay in the release of the second trench of the Paris club refunds without giving the account of how the fi... Full Article

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By Abdul Muhammed-- It is a matter of public record that at the beginning of the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari, two panels were instituted by the Nigerian Army and/or Office of National Sec... Full Article

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