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Minister advises travellers to get new yellow cards
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By Staff Reporter
August 27, 2013 04:53:36am GMT      |      Views: 1120
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WorldStage Newsonline—Nigeria’s Minister of Health, Prof. Onyebuchi Chukwu, has urged travellers who were still using the old yellow card to replace them with the new encoded ones.

Chukwu, while addressing newsmen in Abuja, said that foreign countries had been informed not to recognise the old card by Oct. 1.

He said: ``We are giving new cards now; please don’t accept any old card as a fresh person, if you get immunised today.

“If you are vaccinated against yellow fever, demand for the yellow card, the new one.

``Now the question will be what about those people who are vaccinated for whom their immunisation is still current?

“If you even bring it to the Ministry of Health today, go to the Department of Public Health, it will be replaced.

`` If their marking tells us you bought it, if you bought it, we will vaccinate you, all the process is N1,000 only.

“Nobody should cause you to pay more; we will vaccinate you here in the ministry, and we will give you the correct yellow card.

 ``If the old one you bring and it shows clearly you actually were vaccinated properly, we will just give you the new one and put all the documentation aright.

``So Oct. 1 is the date we have set so far that after that date, the old one will not be recognised.’’

Chukwu said before, states and the private sector were printing the card, “but now it is only the Federal Ministry of Health that is printing the card”.

He added that in terms of distribution, the ministry issued to only the National Primary Health Care Development Agency because it had the vaccines.

“The other sector that also gets the card from the ministry is the Port Health Authority that also does the vaccination and they belong to the Federal Ministry of Health,” Chukwu said.

The minister said children who were immunised routinely would not need the card except if they were travelling out of the country.

According to him, those who need the yellow card are people who intend to travel outside the country.

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