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Altus Global Alliance, CLEEN Foundation hold training on security sector governance in West Africa
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By Press Release
May 26, 2014 20:49:05pm GMT      |      Views: 3507

The Altus Global Alliance and CLEEN Foundation are organizing a week long capacity building regional training on “Tools for Monitoring and Advocacy on Security Sector Governance in West Africa”. The training is designed for civil society organizations in West Africa to respond to the rising trend of violent conflicts and its attendant threats to regional security and security sector governance within the sub-region.

Currently, the sub-region still presents singular combination of some of the poorest states in the world with widespread security challenges in the form of recurring violent conflicts (Niger, Chad, Mali, Guinea), long-standing authoritarian regimes (Gambia, Burkina Faso and Guinea) and several types of illegal activities including proliferation of small weapons (Niger, Chad, Nigeria, Liberia, Mali and Sierra Leone), terrorism, trafficking in persons, money laundering and drug trafficking (Nigeria, Togo, Equatorial Guinea and Mali) which thrive on the conflict situations, making it more challenging to address. As part of efforts to increase civil society involvement, oversight and monitoring of security sector governance across the sub-region; this training is developed to provide tools for monitoring and advocacy on governance of security for civil society groups and NGOs in West Africa. The training is intended to:

Increase beneficiaries’ knowledge on concepts, issues, strategies and good practices in Human Rights monitoring of security institutions, advocacy and reporting;

Enhance the depth  of their knowledge in governance, security sector reform, conflict prevention and management, demilitarization in West Africa and;

Network them with civil society actors and other strategic partners in supporting governance, security sector reform, monitoring and advocacy activities in West Africa.

Participants at the training draw from experts and civil society knowledgeable on the issues in discourse within the continent. Specifically, trainees comprise of program officers and other senior personnel from civil society groups involved in conflict management, human rights advocacy, conflicts and violence prevention, security sector governance reform and demilitarization in Africa.

At the end of the training, participants will develop action plan on how they intend to use lessons learnt at the training in their respective countries to monitor and advocate on security sector governance.

The training and other activities under the Altus Regional Project titled “Responding to Conflicts and Security Governance in West Africa” are carried out with the funding support of Ford Foundation.

Altus works to improve public safety, security and justice in countries around the world, bringing empirical and multi-cultural perspectives to that work and promoting greater participation of civil society in security and justice reform. Altus places emphasis on accountability of security forces in domestic and regional justice systems.

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