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Niger Govt expresses concerns over gradual extinction of native languages
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By Innocent Senyo
January 18, 2017 10:06:59am GMT      |      Views: 1232

WorldStage Newsonline-- Niger State Government has expressed concerns over gradual extinction of native languages, saying English language has become the first language of most homes in the country.

Commissioner of Information, Culture and Tourism Mr Jonathan Vatsa told journalists in Minna on Wednesday that there was the need for parents to ensure that the native languages and cultures are not allowed to go into extinction.

According to him, when the native languages are spoken to the children, it will build in them from the formative ages the core values peculiar to our society and making them have the desire to adopt best practices for the development of the society.

 “As a Commissioner in charge of culture, I am worried and indeed the government is worried that none of the younger ones can read and write in the native languages  as it used to be in the past,” he said.

He recalled that the earliest curriculum of Nigeria’s education emphasized the importance of the first language “which is our native dialects as very germane to our educational development and therefore wondered why that should be neglected now.”

He assured that the state government would be coming up with programmes to ensure that the first languages are not allowed to go into extinction in the state.

One of the programmes is the introduction of courses in the major languages of the state in the State College of Education Minna and IBB University, Lapai.

 “The programme we intend to come up with is aimed at ensuring that the younger Nigerlites can read and write in Hausa, Nupe, Gbagyi, Kambari and other native languages, because this will build in the them a better understanding of our best practices,” he said.

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