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NANTAP challenges govt to build sustainable structures for the movie industry
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By Bamidele Adeleye
February 12, 2013 15:31:01pm GMT      |      Views: 449
Chairman of NANTAP, Lagos chapter, Ms. Faith Eki Eboigbe

 WorldStage Newsonline-- The Lagos state Chairman, National Association of Nigeria Theater Arts Practitioners (NANTAP) Ms Eki Eboigbe, has urged all tiers of government to build sustainable structures for the movie industry.

She told Journalist in Lagos that the industry was overdue for a film town, a useful tool to impact messages that the society needed for social transformation.

She said: “We need a place where filmmakers can replicate every cities nuance, without the hazard of disrupting normal flow of life.

“We have the expanse of land, we have the funds and we have the business knowledge and expertise, we need government to help put up structures, “she said.

According to her, “aside government support with funding of some projects of associations or individuals, they need to give standard structures that will help the growth of the industry.”

The first woman Chairman of NANTAP noted that some corporate organizations are making efforts, but that more needed to be done to develop the industry rapidly as other climes had done.

She stressed that most of the practitioners had invested in business that is driving the local economy, but “that’s not enough, more can be done.

“At least, people in the industry are acquiring lands, have blueprints of what they want to do, but are limited with capital to develop the structures.

“This is as a result of our business men wanting to invest in quick profits returns, than a long term, steady and sustainable returns of investment.”

She described the actors as the mirror through which the society sees which some are not aware of.

“Unfortunately, in our clime, it’s like some are not aware of this important thrust, they only see the glamour. We need these structures because we practitioners are contributing in the area of educating and informing the populace. We are standing in as mediators between the government and the citizen,” she said.

 Eboigbe, a multitalented TV/Film/Stage Producer explained that regular engagement   will help the government to be more aware of the level of responsiveness and on their agenda and citizen would understand things better.

“And the expected participation and understanding would take place. We must engage our government in dialogue for unparallel development, while the citizens play their role in the maintainer of law and order. If we have standardized structures, we need to tap into our culture. It’s our way of life; our movies may have global attraction, if we have embedded in our cultural nuances,” she said

 Eboigbe had in the past handled some notable projects in the entertainment industry,  they include `For the love of country’’ ``Forever”, ``Keeping Faith”, ``30 Days”, ``MTN Project Fame (Season 2)” among others. 

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