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American University of Nigeria selected as Best University in Development in Africa
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By Press Release
March 15, 2013 20:56:46pm GMT      |      Views: 364
AUN President Margee Ensign

African Development magazine has chosen American University of Nigeria (AUN) as the “Best University in Development in Africa”. AUN will be honored at the second annual African Development Awards for Excellence on March 30 in Accra, Ghana.

The award is designed to honor deserving Africans at home and in the diaspora.

The magazine’s Editor-in-chief, Ayo Ilesanmi, said, “AUN has demonstrated in great measure the understanding of issues that are critical to foster and nurture community development, with programs like the Adamawa Peace Initiative (former APC) and the waste-to-wealth program.”

“All of us at AUN are very proud to receive this award,” said AUN President Margee Ensign. “Our goal is to connect theory and practice in order to ensure that our students know how to solve problems. All AUN students are required to work on one of our 10 development projects.

“Our goal is to connect theory and practice, to ensure that our students know how to solve the challenges facing them in Nigeria and in the world. All AUN students are required to work in one of our 10 development projects.

 “The AUN Sustainability Initiative is one of them. The goal is to spur local economic development by providing hands-on training for local people while at the same time protecting and enhancing the natural environment, thus preserving it for future generations. 

“In Fall 2012, AUN, in partnership with Benue Valley Farms, launched the School of Agricultural Entrepreneurship program. This path-breaking program provides free secondary education to teenagers as they learn how to farm in ways that will preserve the environment using modern technology. 

“Without peace no nation can attain meaningful development. Thus, AUN is a major sponsor of the Adamawa Peace Initiative (former APC) that was established to foster peace and harmony in the region. AUN and the Council have initiated several development projects, including an IT training program for local youth. 

“Without education a society cannot make progress. AUN sponsors several literacy projects in our local community where AUN faculty and students are teaching the basics of English, using computer tablets and access to e-learning resources to ensure students have a rich source of books and exercises, which enhances their learning.

“These are but a few examples of the many initiatives undertaken by AUN to promote development in Nigeria.   Here at the American University of Nigeria we are training young Africans to assume the leadership of their societies in this dynamic development process, creating a new future based on the enduring values of Africa’s vibrant cultures and rich past.” 

Accepting the award on behalf of AUN will be Associate Professor Ago Quaye and Vice President of AUN Schools and Educational Programming, Krista McKee. AUN Professor Leonard Shilgba will be a guest speaker. His topic is “Public Service Reforms: Panacea to Development and Good Governance.”

Founded in 2005, AUN is Africa’s first development university. It is inspired by the Founder Atiku Abubakar’s vision that knowledge acquired must be applied to benefit all people. Located in Yola, Adamawa State, AUN is recognized as a center of educational excellence around the continent.

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