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News Update (January 10, 2012 11:53 AM...)

Airtel expands recharge channels, offers customers more comfort, ease

Press Release-- In line with its commitment to providing innovative services and empowering Nigerians with reliable mobile solutions, Leading Telecoms Operator, Airtel Nigeria has expanded its multiple recharge platforms/channels for its customers across the nation.

The mobile operator says it has committed enormous resources to the expansion of its electronic recharge channels, providing customers with an opportunity to purchase airtime via an array of reliable channels including the Internet, Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) and Point of Sales (POS) Terminals.

It added that it has also expanded the footprint of Electronic Recharge Vendors across the country, thereby boosting the efficiency of the recharge process.

Speaking on the initiative, the Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director of Airtel Nigeria, Deepak Srivastava said the company is passionate about creating the right experience for customers and also providing innovative solutions that will enable subscribers benefit from the mobile revolution even with less stress and more comfort, ease.

Gone are the days when Airtel customers must visit a retail outlet or search for a local airtime vendor to purchase airtime for their mobile phones. Airtel customers in Nigeria can now recharge their mobile phones from the comfort of their homes, offices, places of worship, recreational centres and even while travelling on the road courtesy of the multiple, innovative recharge channels we have provided, said Srivastava

He added that the company, last year, introduced a service called Airtel Wazobia Recharge, a denomination-less electronic recharge service which offers customers an opportunity to refill their phones and those of their friends and family members without having to scratch cards or buy physical recharge cards and vouchers.

With the recharge solution, which is available at any time of the day, customers can refill their mobile lines via a registered electronic airtime vendor just as they can also perform the same service themselves either through an ATM/POS Terminal or by logging on to the companys corporate website.

Telecoms consumers who want to use the Wazobia Recharge service via ATMs/POS terminal can do this by selecting the Recharge option on the ATM/POS terminal, select Airtel, key in their phone numbers after which they select the recharge denomination or key in their preferred denominations.

On the other hand, customers who want to purchase online from the comfort of their homes and places of business can do this by visiting the Airtels corporate website after which they select the Phone Services option, also select Easy Recharge (ERC) and then follow the simple instructions to refill their lines.

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