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News Update (January 11, 2012 07:40 AM...)

Labour urges workers to ignore government's no-work-no-pay threat

Lagos (WorldStage Newsonline)-- Labour executives on Wednesday urged protesting workers to ignore the threat credited to the government's Head of Service that those that failed to return to work would not be paid for the period they were absent.

According to Mr Promise Adewusi, deputy president, Nigerian Labour Congress who addressed a rally at the National Stadium, Lagos, Nigerians should first fight for the reversal of fuel subsidy removal after which the no-work-no-pay threat would be resolved later.

Also speaking at the Amuwo Odofin, he thanked the youth that came out in large number to identify with the protest, saying labour would not accommodate extra kobo increase on the fuel price.

Speaking at Amuwo Odofin, Chairman of Joint Action Front, Mr Dipo Fasina said years ago, there was free education which children of farmers and the rich enjoyed, but now government wanted only the children of the rich to have education so that they can continue to exploit the masses.

He said any nation that cannot give free education to the youths is useless. He said government must give hope to the youth to live, and provide jobs for them.

He said with N18,000 minimum wage, Nigerians cannot pay for fuel at N141 per litre.

We cannot continue to be slave in our own country, he said.

At a stop over at LASU Gate, a lecturer and actor, Sola Mosodo who addressed the rally said Nigerians should not take anything more than N65 per litre fuel price.

He said the subsidy removal on January 1, was a poison from the government which must be spitted out.

He said it was an insult upon injury, as Nigerian had been injured by unemployment, power failure, hunger, dilapidated infrastructure among others. He said all they wanted was the total reversal of the fuel price increase.

Chairman, Nigerian Medical Association, Lagos branch, Dr Temiye Ebamisan said government wanted to reap the masses of the little money they had and give it to the rich.

He said the health sector was so bad such that when drugs were prescribed in the hospitals, people had to go outside to buy them. He said mortality was on the increase while government was doing nothing about it, only to remove fuel subsidy.

By Prince Okedinachi (

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