NOIPolls Personal Well-Being Index drops 0.7 point in Q4 2019

The NOIPolls Personal Well-Being report for Q4, 2019 revealed a marginal decrease of 0.7–point in Q4, 2019 to stand at 60.6-points as against 61.3-points obtained in Q3, 2019. The Personal Well-Being Index (PWBI) is determined by the satisfaction level of Nigerians on various components of their personal lives. Three of the seven factors that comprises the PWBI experienced an increase while the remaining four components experienced decrease in Q4, 2019. Personal security experienced the highest increase of 1.9-points to stand at 59.6-points in Q4, 2019 from the 57.7-points obtained in Q3, 2019. Also, the achievement in life index experienced a 0.9-point increase to stand at 49.3-points in Q4, 2019 from 48.4 points in Q3, 2019.

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